Alliance Air Show

October 30 and 31st was the Forth Worth Alliance Air Show, at the Alliance airport just north of the Fort Worth area.  We went on the 30th and enjoyed roaming the static displays while we waited for the aerial displays to start.  As always, the piloting was excellent and the planes were beautiful.  Here are just a few images from the day:

An excellent angle on a very deadly air craft. The six barrel Gatling Gun is present, and is the center of design for the A-10 Warthog.Photographer: Fiona Campbell

Once the planes started flying, this lovely B-26 Marauder took to the skies, pilot displaying a large amount of skill in handling the aircraft:

This B-26 Marauder was part of a flight formation on display for the crowd at the Fort Worth Alliance Air Show.Photographer: Fiona Campbell

A little while earlier, an F-16 made a pass right alongside the moon, making for a very lucky shot for anyone with a fast shutter finger.


Using a telephoto lens, this F-16 Falcon flying at slow speeds was skillfully caught in front of the moon.Photographer: Fiona Campbell

For a complete change in aircraft design, a MiG-17 set off on its own display, complete with plume of fire coming out the back of the aircraft (sorry, didn’t manage to catch that!):

This MiG-17 was on display for the first half of the air show, and later flew a solo demonstration for the crowd.Photographer: Fiona Campbell

FionaLorne Photography took more than just the four images here.  For more pictures of the static displays and the planes in flight, or to purchase a print of the planes, see the full album here.


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